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‘One word to describe me is dedicated. I am dedicated to the success of my clients and will fight to ensure that they receive the results they desire’

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As both a Czech and British citizen, fluent in both languages and living and enjoying the culture and vibrancy of both nations, I recognised a gap between the two countries; a gap which I knew could be filled through law, business and service.


An academic and scholar with an LLM from King’s College London, a Doctorate from Charles University in Prague and author of several articles, I am proud that my insight has helped to form the interpretation and understanding of legal practice and culture within both the UK and Czech Republic.


This gained me a reputation as an advisor, leader and mastermind on the establishment and expansion of business to the UK, Czech Republic and overseas and garnering me the position as key note speaker at various functions put on by both the Czech and British embassies.  

My ethos and dedication to my clients has allowed me to gain numerous contacts in the fields of law and business, ensuring that my clients remain supported regardless of their location.


As a businessman myself, I sit on the board of directors of several companies, providing legal and business advice and ensuring a smooth transition from start up to operation and beyond.

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