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I am the only qualified English and Czech lawyer, practising in London and Prague.

I am the only qualified English and Czech lawyer, practising in London and Prague.

Introducing our law firm


English and

Czech Law

I provide complete legal services in all areas of English law and Czech law, with focus on commercial and corporate law, particularly to Czech companies doing business in the UK, USA or overseas, and to British companies trading or investing in the Czech Republic or CEE.




I also maintain the client's accounting and statutory records, assist in the preparation of annual statutory accounts and the filling of tax returns, together with reporting, administration and functional processing, registering for taxes and bank account opening.

Management and Development

In addition to my legal practise, I act for entrepreneurs and investors on all aspects of running and operating a business in the UK. My services include advice and guidance from the initial start-up through to operations to its IPO or possible sale.

Business Acumen

As a legal and commercial mind, my expertise extends beyond a mere ’one size fits all approach’ and includes an in-depth understanding of your companies' goals and visions; ensuring that the advice received is tailor-made to your corporate needs, market focused and industry specific.

Trading Areas

I represent a broad range of commercial and corporate clients across various industries within the energy sector, waste management and construction, the exploration and mining of nature resources, information technology and many others.

Legalisation of Signatures

Legalisation of signatures in accordance with Czech law for Czech public authorities and banks (without the need of an apostille), and also certifying true copies of original documents. 




The ARMEX GROUP has long been a pioneer in Energy, Construction and Mining within mainland Europe. As the company continued to grow and expand it began to set its sights on London, establishing ARMEX GLOBAL SOURCES.


As an expert in project management, negotiation, business development and expansion, I was tasked with carrying out the negotiations and complex legal arrangements of a multi-million dollar joint venture and investment in a cross-national exploration and mining project in Namibia involving companies within Europe, the UK and Africa.


TOP MINERALS has over 20 years of experience in exploration, mining and purveyance of minerals and gemstones around the world.


As of 2020, I have been representing a group of investors from the US, EU and Russia, led by TOP MINERALS, in the negotiations and arrangements of multi-million dollar investments in several prospective mining locations in Tanzania. 



I often cooperate with the Czech Embassy in London, British Embassy in Prague, Czech Trade and Czech Invest in London and the UK Department of International Trade, on various projects promoting the cross-border transactions and investments between the UK and Czech Republic.


I also provide legal services to the Czech Embassy in London and other governmental bodies, the most recent was the negotiation of the lease of the new Consulate General in Manchester.

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"Filip’s business expertise on the UK market combined with his legal knowledge has been a true asset to my company and remains the reason I consider Filip as a trusted advisor. The level of care, devotion and professionalism he provides is unsurpassed. He has proven himself time and time again to be not only an excellent solicitor but a man of impeccably generous and honest character who is willing to go above and beyond for his clients."

Hynek Sagan, CEO and Owner of ARMEX GROUP

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